Your Yoga Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way space affects a person, especially mentally.

Many people venture to yoga studios to find space in their minds, bodies…. And often space to get away from their house. Although practicing yoga at home is wonderful, it is also a luxury. Many people simply don’t have the space to practice at home without being interrupted by a dog, a family member, or a pesky piece of furniture that you thought was further way from your mat.

In my own home, I try to keep things organized. Not like crazy color-coded organized, but enough to know where things are when I need them. When I feel like things are becoming cluttered (which most often happens in my closet due to my affinity for thrift shopping), I clear them out, going through each item and deeming their value in my life at the moment.  I try to keep my space balanced with comforts (decorative pillows) as well as functionality (a place to rest). But when something doesn’t feel right anymore, I change it to suit what I need.

This past weekend, I taught in a beautiful studio in Cambridge. The studio is not your traditional studio. It consist of four walls, one being an open brick with a large Union Jack, another being a large mirror. The two shorter walls are covered with images of books- one looks like a full bookshelf, while the other is adorned with covers of popular books by the British publishing company Penguin. The decorations are minimal, yet effective. The ceiling is a dark blue with soft golden lighting, creating a space where it could be evening, morning, or high noon and you wouldn’t know or care. The studio provides the perfect balance of lighting, texture, color and decoration. It is a powerful space to practice yoga, because of the balanced feel it creates. Yes, you could practice yoga in here, but easily host a dinner party (with bringing in the furniture, of course). The studio looks good, and the studio subsequently makes you feel good.  This is the key.


The studio looks good, and the studio subsequently makes you feel good.

So how do you know what space is best for you?

Explore different spaces. Find what colors, textures, and things feel like they create space for you.

Make you own space. Find what feels good to you- not what Ikea or a minimalist tells you. The design of our environment, from the design on the wall to lighting, evoke emotions. Your space can tell you a lot about yourself, and often surprise you.




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