7 Udemy Courses for Yogis

One thing I love about yoga is that you are always learning. Even though I have been teaching for over three years and practicing for ten, I find myself consistently curious about yoga and interested in learning more about the philosophy and the practice. As a yoga teacher, I enjoy realizing I’m a yoga student with a lot to explore.

Online Learning in Yoga

Yoga’s popularity, as well as the emergence of online courses, has combined to create high-quality online yoga courses at your fingertips. Gone are the days when the teaching of yoga is restricted to the guru-student model. We now have access to multiple yoga-related online courses to improve our knowledge and explore our practice right in the comfort of our homes. If you can’t make it to a studio or don’t have the cash for an upcoming training, online yoga courses can be a valuable tool. In addition to keeping learning flexible by adjusting to your schedule, it can also be a great way to learn with a teacher that you may not be able to afford to see.

Gone are the days when the teaching of yoga is restricted to the guru-student model. We now have access to multiple yoga-related online courses to improve our knowledge and explore our practice right in the comfort of our homes.

Udemy for Yogis

Udemy is an online teaching and learning platform where you can purchase courses from instructors all around the world. The platform provides incredible access to a range of topics and boasts over 80,000 courses, all of which you can explore at your own place.

Is Online Learning for You?

A quick note on online learning: it isn’t for everyone. The experience requires self-direction (i.e. Getting off your butt and doing things yourself), reflection and responsibility. So try a course and see if online learning works for you. It can be a great way to learn not only about a specific subject, but also about yourself and your learning processes.

7 Yoga-Relates Courses to try on Udemy


Basics of Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Whether you love him or hate him, Deepak Chopra is a well-known figure in the New Age movement, authoring multiple books, befriend Oprah and at times offering kooky wellness advice.  He is also a popular meditation teacher. This course is a good option for anyone looking for guided meditations and starting a meditation practice.


Yoga Medicine’s Guide to Therapeutic Yoga

Author, yoga teacher and founder of Yoga Medicine Tiffany Cruikshank presents a well-rounded course for anyone looking to deepen and customize their yoga practice to their needs. Cruishank’s training in both Eastern and Western medicine makes key trainings unique and effective.


Sounds True Presents: Yoga mystic Flow- The Yoga of Awakening an in-depth training with Seane Corn

Seane Corn is a renowned yoga teacher, founder of non-profit “off the mat into the world’ and proponent of connecting yoga practice to humanitarian efforts. Her charisma carries over into this online course, exploring the chakras and concepts of energy.


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Many yoga teachers and students have Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, considered by many to be the root of modern yoga teaching penned by the mysterious, ancient yoga sage Patanjali at least 1,700 years ago. The 196 aphorisms are translated, discussed and debated by many yoga scholars, and it never hurts to touch up on your knowledge. If you find reading about the sutras is difficult to engage with, consider watching it with this course instead.


8- Hour Yoga Alignment Course with Leslie Fightmaster

Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, exploring alignment can be the key to deepening your practice and keeping yourself safe. This course, developed by the founder of Fightmaster Yoga, focuses on building alignment in popular yoga postures and flows, such as sun salutations, to avoid injury. The course is a great starting point for beginners building a practice, as well as for advanced looking to refresh or re-established safe alignment habits.


Hand Mudras in Yoga

Mudras are often overlooked in modern yoga practice (with the exception of the Gyan and Anjali mudra) despite their connection to the body and earthly elements.  Adding a unique mudra into a pose can add a great finishing touch, connecting subtle movement with meaning. With so many mudras to explore, this course can help explain the variations, starting with the minor connections of the fingers to the general connection to the body and the elements.


Laughter Yoga for Beginners

Have you ever heard of yoga trend that you wanted to try but were too nervous about? Or perhaps you live in a ‘yoga desert’ without a lot of class options available, and you are looking to try new things. Look no further than laughter yoga, a quirky yoga that engages laughter and lifts the mood. I’ve never been to a laughter yoga class, but would be willing to try it out in the comfort of my own home!

Explore more….

Didn’t find a course you were interested in? Then explore the Udemy platform on your own. With nearly 400  courses related to yoga, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Happy exploring!




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