Unbranding My Yoga Image: Time to Get Real

When I first started AnthroYoga, I was in a major transitory life stage, like the type of life stage that resembles a hybrid creature on an evolutionary tree. I was basically a tiktaalikswimming in the water while simultaneously developing features to walk on land.

Now extinct, tiktaalik were techincally fish with flat, crocodile-like heads, unusual fins that helped prop them up.

I was struggling finding work that would pay a living wage with my anthropology degree and decided to focus more on developing my yoga practice and my yoga teaching. I decided to dedicate me time to learning how to grow, improving my skills and exploring exactly how I wanted to share yoga.

I started to teach myself how to set up a website, which took a bit of time and practice but was also readily available with cookie cutter templates through WordPress ( I also hear Wix is a good option). After I figured out how to set up a basic platform, I looked into ‘branding’ myself and creating a presence of social media, specifically Instagram and facebook since I use those platforms the most. Like most newbs who start to dip their toes into the proverbial puddle, I looked to what others had done to garner attention, which in in the virtual world at least somewhat equates to success. Or so I thought.

When I came up with the Anthroyoga brand, I ran into the usual issues- what colors should I use? Should I capitalize the Y in the ‘yoga’ or keep it one word (by the way, I’m still unsure)? What image do I want to portray and hence market to the outside world?

All I knew was that I love anthropology, and I loved yoga. I wanted them to work together, as I thought both complimented each other well.

Anthropology is the study of humans in the past and present, and yoga is the study of the self. Anthroyoga helped to bind the connection between self and community, and the influence yoga can have on the singular self and wider community network. At the time, AnthroYoga came from a place of curiosity, passion, excitement and confusion. It is and always will be my first step in marketing my own yoga experience.

AnthroAnthro copy 2Anthro (1)The name meant a lot to me, but I quickly learned that it didn’t mean that much to other people. Despite anthropology being around for well over 115 years, it is still not widely known to people, making the word ‘anthro’ obscure and confusing instead of interesting and clear. I also noticed that making the decision to ‘brand’ myself didn’t have a lot of myself in it- instead, it was focused on outward appearance and the false vision that it was bigger than it really was- than it really is.

I maintain this blog mainly on my own, with the exception of a few guest posts. Yoga has been an incredible tool for me. It continues to be a valuable tool for me, and I want to share that with others. That’s all.

Although Anthroyoga ultimately came from a good place, it now is simply a veil that I hide behind. I don’t want to look like every other yoga brand, every yoga teacher. I don’t want to fall into spouting platitudes about yoga and love and mindfulness. I don’t want to express my yoga by falling inline with the dominant, corporate narrative. I need a change. I need to practice my yoga not just in class, but on my blog. And that is why I will be changing Anthroyoga and being known instead my name. And my yoga.

Don’t get me wrong-I still love Anthroyoga. The entire process of building it has taught me a lot. It is important to b true to yourself, even if you kind of suck,  and not hellbent  an idea for success, as well as clarifying that you really want by having an online presence. My primary goal is to share yoga. And I want that to come a lot more form my authentic self vs.a brand.

In the very near future, Anthroyoga will be taking a step back to a more authentic voice, one that is more connected with just being myself and not trying to look like anything other than that. There will be failure. There will be imperfection, maybe even a bit of ugly. But this is how I want to explore and share, from my self, whatever stage I am in.

My primary goal is to share yoga. And I want that to come a lot more form my authentic self vs. a made of brand.

Stay tuned!



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