Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

in Norwich, UK

Online every Wednesday via Zoom

Hi, I’m Laura.

I’m a 500-hour yoga teacher with over 5 years of teaching experience in hatha and hatha-vinyasa yoga. I believe that yoga practice is profoundly beneficial to the body and mind. I take this belief into every class and hope to share it with students.

Read the blog, watch a yoga video and start exploring what yoga means to you. You can read more about me and my yoga journey here. Let’s practice.

The Blog

SUP and YOGA: A Perfect Match

Stand up paddle boarding (SUPs) is a great way to improve balance, awareness and strength. Pairing a paddle session with yoga, both away and on the water, is a great way to strengthen your paddle experience and yoga practice. Let’s explore a few of these points below. Balance SUPing requires you to find your balance…

Rogue Yogi: What to do when a yoga student doesn’t follow your cues.

Something surprising recently happened in a class I was teaching. It unfortunately wasn’t an epiphany or jolt of kundalini rising – it was a student gone rogue. A student, who although attending the class I was teaching, did an entirely different postural yoga sequence. Picture this. I start the class as I normally do, with…


I would love to practice with you, but don’t take my word for it- take the word of my yoga students!

“As a curious yoga amateur I felt completely at ease in Laura’s class. She is an upbeat, positive person who makes sure everyone enjoys their experience.”   Whitney E.

“Yoga comes in countless flavours and varieties, but it took less than an hour for me to realise that Laura’s flavour of yoga is one of inclusiveness and enjoyable exploration. Approaching yoga in unusual spaces (such as Norwich Library) must prove an interesting challenge, but Laura did a wonderful job of engaging the class and helping her students to laugh, sweat, stretch and learn.”  –Jamie E.

“I practised yoga under Laura’s tuition once or twice a week for a couple of months. Her lessons were invigorating, energising and grounding. The early morning “flows” always left me better equipped to meet the challenges of the day than I had been before the class.” –H.D.

“I’ve have really enjoyed attending Laura’s early morning classes in Norwich. It was a great way to start my day. Laura’s explanation have been very clear, which made my practice easier to understand. Under Laura guidance I feel I have progressed my knowledge and asana.” – Julie W.

“It had been 15 years since I had done any yoga and it was such a great way to get back into it.  I loved the balance of the sessions and how it was accessible for us all by working at our own level and ability.  It has inspired me to give more thought to my general health and wellbeing.” – Caroline B.

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