Your Yoga Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way space affects a person, especially mentally. Many people venture to yoga studios to find space in their minds, bodies…. And often space to get away from their house. Although practicing yoga at home is wonderful, it is also a luxury. Many people simply don’t have the space […]

Add Yoga to Your Bedtime Routine for Better Sleep

Yoga is good for your body at any time of day. But, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it can be what you need to help you get a full seven to eight hours of high-quality rest. Yoga has some impressive effects on your mind and body that lead to better sleep, starting with its ability […]

Five Things That Happen with a Regular Yoga Practice

I’ve written quite a bit about how your yoga practice is a tool that you can use to guide you through the varying ebb and flow that is life. Yoga may start out as a simple exercise regimen, but it can lead to changes in your life on physical, mental and social levels. This is the […]


In every yoga class, I like to either “theme” the class around a word or idea to help create a story that we can interweave through the practice.  When ideas are presented in this way, it can be relatable and therefore powerful, helping students relate ideas to experiences through yoga practice both on and off […]

A Yogi’s Guide to Norwich

Norwich may be known for its rich history, literature and charming eateries and cafes, but the yoga scene is also something to celebrate. Yoga is available in multiple studios, meeting houses and gyms around the city centre that cater to all yogis. I moved to Norwich a few months ago and have been absolutely enchanted […]

What is a #Yogi?

#Yogi is a popular hashtag for yoga professionals and enthusiasts on instagram. In fact, the hashtag currently has nearly 8 million posts on instagram alone. But the term “yogi” existed long before social media. So what exactly is a yogi? A yogi is a person who is proficient in yoga. That’s it! Just a person […]

Reflection of a Yoga Student: 10 Years of Practice

I first began my yoga practice with a Rodney Yee DVD in my parent’s basement. It was 2008, and I had just graduated college with a degree in psychology, but unsure of future career prospects. Peppered with uncertainty, as well as the bleak reality of the 2008 economic downturn, I knew it was time to […]

Seeds of Discipline: How Eating a Pomegranate Embodies My Yoga Practice.

Yoga does not change the way we see things. It transforms the person who sees. -B.K.S. Iyengar When I first started practicing yoga, it is fair to say I didn’t know anything about yoga philosophy, or really what I was getting into. The year was 2008 and yoga was starting to get popular, and with […]

The Savasana Struggle: Exploring the Challenge of a Powerful Pose

Savasansa is one of the most powerful poses in a yoga sequence- do you practice it? When I was living on the West coast in the US, I regularly attended a hot yoga class. The classes were challenging due to the heat of the room and the heat of the body brought on by a […]

Playing with Proprioception

We all have yoga poses that challenge us a bit more than others. For me, it is virabhadrasana I. The pose sometimes feels like a struggle to me, like my mind gets in the way of what my body wants to do. I second guess myself and struggle with alignment. Entering the pose is almost […]