What’s Up with Mala Beads?

  We’ve all seen them- small beads with various colors and textures wrapped around the wrists or draped along the neck of yoga practitioners, sometimes with a tassle, other times without. These beads are known as malas, but what exactly are they? A yoga accessory?  A fashion statement? A fleeting trend? The truth is mala […]

What Type of Meditation is Best for You?

Meditation is a word that you may hear used often, but may not be clear on what it really means. Is it sitting silently? Being mindful of the way you walk? Shifting your focus to deepening your breath? It is actually all of these things, and different techniques may work better than others for different […]

Style, Brands & Reviews: OH MY! Find the Yoga Mat that is Perfect for You, Stress Free

Are you looking for the yoga mat that is just right for you and your practice? Feeling overwhelmed by the many candidates? Stop, take a breath, chill on the research. Read on to find your yoga mat the right way. Your Mat, Your Practice Yoga mats play a major role in modern yoga practice. The […]

What is your yoga story?

In order to own your yoga, you need to have a good understanding of where you are in your yoga story. We will be exploring the concept of a story and how it can empower our practice in the next few blog posts. Read on and start exploring, discovering and empowering yourself! How do stories […]