Yoga Ranges, Limits & Empowerment

What was your first experience with yoga? I remember hearing that yoga was great for your body, but I also noticed a community around it. And I did not see myself as fitting in with this community at first. My perception of the community was based on the svelte body yoga stereotype and the calm, [...]

The Power of Your Story

Have you thought about your yoga story? How does this story play into the larger narrative you tell yourself everyday? What the hell am I talking about? Let's explore. Before you read the rest of the blog, try this very short activity. Imagine you walk into a room full of complete strangers.What are 3 adjectives that [...]

What is your yoga story?

In order to own your yoga, you need to have a good understanding of where you are in your yoga story. We will be exploring the concept of a story and how it can empower our practice in the next few blog posts. Read on and start exploring, discovering and empowering yourself! How do stories [...]

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