Mastering Mantras

Mantras, or repeated phrases or words, are a great way to focus the mind and calm the sympathetic nervous system. They are often utilized in meditation practices, though can be inserted into yoga practices as well. Some mantras are ancient, such as the prolific mantra Om. Others can be generated based on what you need [...]

The Pathologies of Modern Yoga: Where we are, what we are doing and where we are going

 "I don’t really care if you can chant the vedas or if you can get your foot to the back of your head or blow vapor out of your bottom. I don’t really care unless through your practice you have managed to become a decent human being." -Donna Farhi I recently watch Donna Farhi’s keynote [...]

Change Your Focus for the New Year

Okay, I've admittedly been on the New Year resolution, change your life, goal setting bandwagon. What the hell is a yogi doing there anyway? First, let's start with why yoga and goal setting, sometimes even self-help, are often lumped together. Let me be very clear here: yoga will not solve all of our problems. What [...]

Setting Intentions for the New Year

A new year marks a change of calendars and a change of outlook. To match the shift in calendar dates, people often like to give themselves a new challenge. The new year can mark a time to try new things, start new habits, and change your perspective. But we also know the stereotype of starting [...]

The Science of Mudras

Our hands help us say a lot. We use them to explore our environment, and they help has translate a sensory experience from the outside, and as well as interpret what is happening on the inside. Mudras, or hand gestures, connect our hand movements to our brain, energy, and deeper sense of self. Mudras are [...]

How to Find Your Morning Yoga Flow

Some of us are early birds, others night owls. Rolling straight into a yoga practice when you wake up can have great benefits. The practice gets your body moving after a night of rest, allowing blood to circulate and the muscles to stretch. While energizing for the body, it is also energizing for the mind, [...]

DIY Yoga Ornaments!

'Tis the season to start feeling festive, and for me, that usually translates to doing something crafty. When I was little, my mom would help us make salt dough ornaments . The texture of the dough is similar to play dough, and easily malleable to form a variety of shapes. Salt dough in incredible versatile- you [...]

Exploring the Five Koshas

Kosha translates to “layer”, and according to yogic philosophy, we are comprised of five layers working together to make up our being. The concept of koshas has improved my yoga practice, as not only look at my physical and mental wellbeing, but the wellbeing of each of the layers. Thinking of the body in five [...]

What Type of Meditation is Best for You?

Meditation is a word that you may hear used often, but may not be clear on what it really means. Is it sitting silently? Being mindful of the way you walk? Shifting your focus to deepening your breath? It is actually all of these things, and different techniques may work better than others for different [...]

Exploring Sadhaka & Badhaka Tattva

In Hatha yoga, the sadhaka and badhaka tattva lay out specific sets of rules to advance your yoga practice. Basically, they tell you how to be successful (sadhaka) or how to fail (badhaka) in your yoga path. In Sanskrit, sadhaka means a person who follows a sadhana, which is basically a way of life. Tattva [...]

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