The Lagom Lens: A Framework the Enhance Happiness and Balance

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Different ways of thinking provide various frameworks to promote wellness. The many forms of yoga, mindfulness and Qigong are great examples, and these wellness frameworks often overlap. They often share the primary goals of finding balance in your life, releasing negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and showing kindness toward yourself and others. I recently read about the Swedish concept of lagom, and realized I was following a lot of the concepts in the framework without ever having known about it. Learning new ways of thinking can be beneficial and helps build your wellness and yoga toolbox. It is all about finding the framework that works for you when you need it!

What is Lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. You can think of it as not too much, not too little, or medium. The term is applied to the concept of balance, which is often the medium you search for to find a sense of calm in life. The term goes a bit deeper, ordering on the concept of fair and frugal. An example would be shopping less, making eco-friendly choices such as recycling and living simply with less stress. Basically, It is a way of living that finds balance and promotes calmness while promoting time to engage in the hobbies and passions that we love. In this way, it promotes simplicity, yet also calmness and happiness. Living simply isn’t anything new, but lagom has become increasingly popular in wellness circles. With a goal to increase happiness and decrease stress, what’s not to love?

Ready? Set. LAGOM!

Lagom isn’t embodied by one or two actions, but is a way of approaching life. Check out the examples below to explore lagom and if you already have it in your life!

  1. Buy less

Maybe you love clothes, shoes, cars or collectible toys. This love can easily overflow into abundance and clutter. The space you are in affects you. Buy less, use what you have and create a slimmed down, basic version of your wardrobe, collection or decoration. This allows your to use and appreciate what you have, without the never ending stress that consumerism can bring on. Do you have what you need? Why have, or buy, more?

2. Make time for a morning ritual

Life can get busy, crazy and stressful. Setting yourself up to have a good day, regardless of the challenges, starts in the morning. Meditating, taking a cold shower to wake up, and having tea are all examples of self care rituals that you can insert into your mornings to have a calmer day.

3. Spend time outside

It is no secret that spending time outdoors in nature is good for you. Spend time outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Take a walk during lunch

4. Make and enjoy free time

A lot of people think they need to look busy or feel busy to appear to live a successful life. The culture of busyness is often equated to being important, but this cultural construct often leads to stress. Schedule time to do nothing, and teach yourself to enjoy it. Life is not always run by schedules, and learning to enjoy free time helps you stay in the present and enjoy the now.

  1. Spend time with others & work on listening skills

Stay busy and productive doesn’t always help friendships flourish. Make time to pend time with others, listen, and spread kindness. The happiness that comes from being selfless, listening to a story from a family member or friend, and experiencing good conversation will lead to feeling happy and satisfied. Relationships are something you must cultivate and respect, and the joy from friendship, conversation and kindness are



We all have our own ways of achieving balance and happiness, and one framework may work better for you. That said, trying out new things helps us expand our boundaries and challenge our existing knowledge, helping us to grow. Lagom is a concept that you may already be engaging in, or are interested in trying. Go for it! The worst that can happen is happiness!

Need more ideas on lagom? Check out this great video and article from Health!



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